Nobel Peace Prize Winner Update

Change … Let’s play “whack a dictator” … See the change? Me neither.

More than that last guy, we attack only anti-Islamist forces ::: U.S. Warships Close In On Syria. Are you tired of this same old song yet? I am …. Pentagon Prepares For Cruise Missle Attack …. I think I will take a pass, I’ve already seen this movie.

Caliphate forever!!!! Heaven … Ahhh but we have a responsibility to protect people. Yeah what about the rest of the world? Good question.

Haven’t we done this before, over WMD attacks. I can’t put my finger on it …….. Oh yeah Saddam Huessein gases the Kurds, now I remember. So now we have Assad gases the Muslims I guess. Seems like we are evolving …….. . . . .   .   .   .

Change … Protect the Muslim Brotherhood. What a load of crap …. That was.

But the UN …


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