Drunk On Your Obama Stock Market …

Tough guy assumes the pose. Why does that look like a clown suit ….. Still no jobs in sight as we focus like a laser on ‘Syria’?  For what no ones knows … OK so our focus is off slightly.

But caliphate construtction takes hard work …


Stocks spiral lower, Dow skids 175 as Syria fears escalate; Vix spikes 13%

Stocks accelerated their losses in the final hour of trading Tuesday, with the Dow hitting a two-month low, amid escalating worries over potential U.S. military action in Syria.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told the BBC the U.S. military is “ready to go” if President Barack Obama orders action over a chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Meanwhile, NBC News reported the U.S. could launch a missile strike against Syria “as early as Thursday.”

How many people are touched by the story that chemocal weapons may have killed 100s, then the war dead so far has reportedly cleared 100,000 people. HAven’t we done the WMD trick before???

Hey lefties have you calculated what those cruise missibles cost?

Do you have a clue what comes next after we bomb and blast our now latest bad boy back to the stone age.  It’s works so well in Egypt. And no one even wants to mention Libya. How is that going?


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