Well That’s A Fine Howdy DO

Now that the trial is on the facts come out … And as usual they aren’t Pretty ::: EMAILS PROVE FBI COULD HAVE PREVENTED FORT HOOD ATTACK

First, the New York Times published two emails Hasan provided them, and now Mother Jones is reporting the FBI released emails and other documents that prove they could have prevented the November 5, 2009 attack.

military panel found Hasan guilty of 13 premeditated murders and 31 premeditated attempted murders. The jury will begin to deliberate the sentence on Wednesday. The verdict was unanimous, which means the death penalty is on the table.

The prosecution wanted to use the emails and documents as evidence of Hasan’s motive, but Judge Col. Tara Osborn threw them out. They include a string of emails between Hasan and Anwar al-Awlaki, in which Hasan said he murdered his fellow soldiers because he wanted to protect al-Qaeda and Taliban soldiers. The FBI intercepted these emails almost a year before the attack. Hasan even wanted to discuss them for his defense, but Osborn dismissed this.

Who needs the lamestream media and their lies anymore … Real reporters are now working for alternative media.

So if you want the truth seek it out, compile your own news sources. Firefox 23 has this aggregator plugin called SAGE… It aggregates what you want, via RSS. Use it to roll your own news.



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