UN’s Syria Charade …

And the UN is the world’s loser in the process. ::: So Much For The UN Charade In Syria.

… Repeated emergency meetings and draft resolutions have all arrived at a big nothing.

Why is that helpful? Because it removes the fig leaf assumption that the UN is on the job, ergo something is being done.  Too often, when terrible events start to build, the UN becomes the go-to place for relays of special envoys, Security Council resolutions, and grand pronouncements by senior international civil servants. Money is spent, statements are issued, diplomatic huddles take place, crash meetings are called, and in a cloud of bureaucratic palaver, the can gets kicked down the road. Erstwhile leaders of the free world can delay any real decisions, because they have deflected the problem to the UN. Meanwhile, on the ground, the troubles keep boiling over.

And in the end … PUNT!

Apparently the world does not respond to executive orders.


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