The Cowboy Takes A Pause — Blink!

Nobel Peace Prize Winner decides to Blink.

Last resort when everybody in the world but the Frenchies … Ain’t got no coalition, so what you gonna do for a friend ..:::…OBAMA TURNS TO CONGRESS…

  • About now I bet you wish you haven’t lied to everybody, in the world.
  • About Benghazi,
  • About the video,
  • About Fast and Furious,
  • About the IRS Spying on Th e Tea Party,
  • About NSA spying on the American people …
  • About most everybody

And now we are supposed to believe you? WHY?

The UN even says we don’t know who done it.

And about that evidence you were gonna show us? Care to produce it?

Hate to be in your shoes.

Hey bud take the finger off the trigger … FINGER ON THE TRIGGER PAUSES, put down that gun, let’s talk about what you want to do, and what happens after you do it.

But of course they say even if Congress, and the World I might add, says no, the Cowboy will go it alone. If I were in the Congressional leadership, I would not vote unless our lawless President agrees to abide by the vote. If not what’s the point???

Over to you Harry… John. Show us the proof. And explain to the world, what we are actually doing ???


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