The Global Warming Bozo Speaks

Al Gore has a replacement, or is it tin foil?

Our latest scientist speak about what is not knowable … Our say anything to anyone, guy, yesterday is was Syria Today it’s hoaxing the world. Quick change.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday the evidence for climate change(yes, the earth’s climate is always changing) was beyond dispute but it was not too late for international action to prevent its worst impacts.

“The science(nope) is clear. It is irrefutable(nope) and it is alarming(nope),” Kerry told a climate conference in Majuro in the Marshall Islands in a video address from Washington.
“If we continue down our current path, the impacts of climate change will only get worse.”
Kerry said without strong, immediate action, the world would experience threats to critical infrastructure, regional stability, public health, economic vitality, and the long-term viability of some states.
You can blow this science out of the water if you had of had a decent high school physics course.
So if it’s already too late then why bother???
And here I live on the beach at ten feet above sea level, so if anyone should be worried I would think I would be.



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