We Now Have A New Standard For Bombing Other Country’s

Bush, of the dumb war clan

  • Got the UN onboard in Iraq
  • Bush had over 40 country’s in his war coalition
  • Bush had the Congress approve a resoultion of war

Obama, of the smart diplomacy clan

  • his coalition has France, maybe, they have yet to have a formal vote.
  • The UN, well Obama says has too many obstacles.
  • Congrees is fighting over to fight or not

But our Peace prize winner is conflicted over what to do.

Which looks dumb to you? And what evidence of who did what to whom? Well we got John (anti-war) Kerry trying to tell us they found evidence of Sarin Gas? Who found it? Where? When?

Cause I herard the terrorist in Syria seized a military chemical weapons stash.

Tough to figure who did what the UN says.

Why not just take Obama’s word for it. The President would not lie, again?

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