DC Fights Uber, Hurts Consumers and the Environment

You may have heard of Uber, the innovative taxi startup that’s faced legislative roadblocks in city after city as entrenched interests in bed with local politicians dig in their heels. . . .

It’s almost comical at this point—we say ‘almost’, because Uber may be shutting down its latest offerings due to the DC Taxicab Commission’s onerous rules. Needless to say, VM’s staffers in DC have used Uber on several occasions, and we all are quite fond of the service. We certainly hope that DC’s authorities see the light of day on this and come to some accommodation with the company. Protecting a moribund cartel like DC’s cabbies from honest competition serves no one’s interests in the long term.

Politicians are chasing votes not proper public policy. And the sooner you learn that the better off we will all be. And none other is clearer than Marco Rubio, and his AMNESTY head fake, the Tea Party senator who at the first sign of a Republican carrot, left his Tea Party Roots.

Render mistakes, act on the cause.

Politicians are people who use power to help one group at the expense of others. Yes they all do it, and you pay.



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