Hiding The Facts From The People

In this case the State Secrets being hidden are the names of illegal Immigrants … So you won’t know who the criminals are …

The Union Leader Corp. is bringing to the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston its claim that the federal government cannot keep from the public the names and addresses of illegal immigrants arrested in New Hampshire during a 2011 national sweep of criminally convicted unlawful aliens.

The appeal filed Aug. 28 under the Freedom of Information Act seeks to reverse a U.S. District Court for New Hampshire order that said disclosing the names and addresses of the six immigrants who were criminally convicted while illegally in the United States would invade their privacy rights.

And Illiegal Immigrants have privacy rights, when US citizens do now?

The six were among 2,901 illegal immigrants arrested nationwide by agents of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Enforcement division, commonly known as ICE. The Sept. 28, 2011 arrests were part of national sweep called “Operation Cross Check.”

“The public’s right to know what the government is up to is sacred to our democratic society,” attorney Gregory V. Sullivan said in asking the First Circuit Court to order ICE to release the information.

“The convicted criminal aliens at issue in this case have no legitimate privacy interest regarding the disclosure of their names,” Sullivan maintained in asking for a new review of the case and oral arguments to be scheduled. Sullivan is an attorney with Malloy & Sullivan law firm in Manchester and Hingham, Mass., and represents the Union Leader Corp.

So how do you like that?



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