Rubio Goes Boink!

Liars will be pubished …::: Rubio plummets to 5th in NH… 

Rubio’s net favorable ratings, the gap between favorable and unfavorable views, also collapsed in New Hampshire. In April, Rubio enjoyed a +51 favorable rating. Today, the number is down to +33, a significant drop for a popular Republican among base voters. The Senate Gang of 8 amnesty bill was released after the April poll.

Interestingly, NJ Gov. Chris Christie has also seen a drop in his favorables among Republicans, although he still leads the overall field.

Surpised Rubio is that high. Glib talking doesn’t do the job. The truth comes out. And the people know it…

Christy is just as bad a fraud. If he is chosen as the R canidate, I will stay home elction day.


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