Glenn Reynolds writes:

Obama’s efforts to do something about Syria invite only criticism and push back.

Remember that dumb cowboy George W. Bush, who alienated all our allies and dragged us into wars of choice in the Mideast? And remember that goofball Mitt Romney, whom Joe Biden a year ago accused of wanting to go to war in Syria?

Both of them must be having a big laugh over the way things are going for Obama now. When I wrote last week on our bumbling Syria diplomacy, it seemed that things couldn’t possibly go further downhill. Boy, was I wrong.

Do you really think you know what Obomba will do? Or do you think the oil guys will win, rememebr they hated Assad for turning down their pipeline from the Persian Gulf, and the warm water port guys from Russia on the other side.

I mean afterall Genghis John was the first to do this, offer to get rid of Syria’s Chemical weapons, but then said they would never do that/ Well they did. NOW WHAT?


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  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    Putin is a world leader now. At least he appears to be one. I still say, the Russians are NOT our friends. Keep that in mind folks.

    • tarpon says:

      Yes, not our friends, but will do us harm if Obomba gives them a chance.

      I this one case I side with the Russians, there is nothing good for the USA about attacking Syria. The Russians will protect their deepwater Syrian port, and the Suadis want Syria to bend to their demands of a pipeline across Syria.

      No good outcome for the USA by siding with Al Qaeda… Or Assad.

      • I agree. I side with the Russians as well. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t saying we need to “stand up to them” – which normally would be where I would stand. This time, back down, Obama shut up, Kerry go hide, Hagel – I wish he’d just go away… but they are taking us down a path from which there may be no return.

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