Every Once In A While Someone Gets To The Quick

And this guy just haves a way …

This week, the co-owner of the expansion LA KISS talked with radio.com about Tebow:

“He’s got a religious passion, as well he should, we’re in America. He’s proud to be a Christian, what’s wrong with that? And yet, with sports media and pop culture media, they make fun of his religion. Really? In America? If he was wearing a burqa, they wouldn’t dare say anything. But if you’re a Christian, you get to be picked on? What the hell? The guy’s got family values. I never saw the media picking on Michael Vick for torturing dogs. Or this other football player, who’s alleged to have killed, committed murder.  That’s ‘cool.’ But a guy who’s religious and has got family values isn’t ‘cool?’ He’s cool to me.”

Simmons, who is Jewish, also said “religion is good for mankind” and praised Tebow’s convictions. His analogies were a bit extreme. (What do Michael Vick and Aaron Hernandez have to do with Tebow though?) Still, Simmons makes a salient point about the fascination and derision about Tebow’s faith that others haven’t.


GENE SIMMONS DEFENDS TEBOW: ‘If He Was Wearing A Burqa, They Wouldn’t Dare Say Anything’…

Sort of blows lieberal PC crap aout of the water, doesn’t it?

And here he is in stage dress …



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