Syria Got You Down, Pivot To Strength

Let’s try the truth …

Obama’s week ahead: All about the economy.

President Obama will launch a week of economic events on Monday, highlighting the five-year anniversary of the crashing of the financial market to argue that Republican policy prescriptions to looming fiscal battles would undo recent gains.

Looking back to the economic collapse of 2008, which helped propel him to the White House, Obama will argue the country has since been on a steady climb back to prosperity. The White House is hoping to use the week as leverage before an October deadline to keep the government funded and ahead of the nation reaching its borrowing capacity just weeks later.

It’s all fun and games until someone says the magic words: Labor Force Participation Rate.

And there is this handy chart to show you how well it’s going… PLUNCK …All you need to know about Obomba and the economy in one chart. Where are the jobs?




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