The Unbelievably Small

Marc Thiessen writes this piece …::: Obama’s “Unbelievably Small” Presidency.

Let me call attention to this passage from the article …

In today’s Wall Street Journal, senior officials leak how they desperately tried to talk Obama out of his “head-spinning reversal” on airstrikes and his decision to go to Congress. “He received swift — and negative — responses from his staff,” the Journal reports. National security adviser Susan Rice, we learn, warned that “he risked undermining his powers as commander in chief.” Senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel “also raised concerns.” But Obama ignored their advice and “took the gamble anyway.”

Such loyalty.

Unbelievably small …

Some times tried and true beats teleprompter séances … We came back from the bowels of Jimmy Cater, where I thoiguht all hope had disserted us. Never shy from the truth. Nowadys the only thing differnet is they have learned how to fix the data, so you cannot see the lies.


File the latest Obomba speech, in the circular repository, know as your toilet. Just turn off the lamestream media cheering section.


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