Will You Vote To Repeal

Taking the next step, get them on record …

In a joint September 13 letter issued to all CO legislators, the pro-recall groups ask:

1. Will you vote for a repeal of Colorado’s unconstitutional new gun laws in the 2014 legislative session?

2. Would you support a ballot initiative which would repeal the new gun laws?

Reflecting on the successful recall efforts, BFDF spokeswoman Jennifer Kerns said:

While we consider Tuesday’s election a significant victory, we realize that…egregious gun laws remain and we want to know where each and every Colorado legislator stands on them. It is a new day in Colorado, and constituents expect their legislators to represent the will of the people. No one is immune from the reach of the grassroots efforts which powered the [September 10] recall elections. No one.

A petition urging Colorado legislators to repeal the gun control will go live on September 16 at www.recallandrepeal.com


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