Global Warming Hoaxers, Very Sad: A Sigh Of Relief From The White House

The global warming hoaxers are very sad over all this..::: A Sigh of Relief for the White House on Fracking:

A new comprehensive study concludes the process at the heart of the nation’s energy boom doesn’t significantly contribute to global warming.

The oil boom, on private lands was touched off by a combination of new drilling technologies, horizontal drilling, ie turning the drill holes sideways, coupled with decades old technology fracking. And we have an oil boom, on private land. Since Obomba has cut off new permitting on public lands.

Sigh our dummies in the white house knows nothing but restricting …

But at least the global warming hoaxers are taking it in the shorts.

Obomba has moved on from bombing Syria, to now bombing Iran. Droning everyone.


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