Banning Flip Flops

Because they can … Frist they came for the flip-flops …


City officials in San Juan Capistrano are trying to figure out exactly how flip-flops became banned at two city parks.

The flip-flop ban is in place at Los Rios Park in the city’s historic district and at a recently opened dog park, said city spokeswoman Cathy Salcedo. The ban was first reported by the Orange County Register.

The rule had gone largely unnoticed at Los Rios. But when the dog park opened in August and the rules were posted, several commissioners with the city’s Parks, Recreation and Senior Services were befuddled.


One Response to Banning Flip Flops

  1. Banning flip flops? When flip flops are banned only the criminals will have flip flops. (think about it then laugh)

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