Confirmed, No AR-15 Used By Navy Yard Shooter

Yesterday we saw that NBC News was reporting that the suspected Navy shooter was armed only with a shotgun when he entered the Navy yard and may have gained access to a handgun and possibly an AR-15 along the way.

Now we have even more reports, some saying that an AR-15 wasn’t used AT ALL.

UPDATE: At their afternoon press conference today, the FBI announced they have no reason to believe an AR-15 was used in the Navy Shipyard shooting.

CNN’s Pamela Brown reports the following,

FBI Washington field office just confirmed gunman was NOT armed with AR15. Spokesperson says 1 shotgun and 2 pistols recovered.

They(FBI) did not immediately know, whether the handguns were taken from the slain police officers(guards).

No word on how the psychotic shooter had security clearance, while being treated for same.


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