Defenseless and Dead

Why aren’t people allowed concealed carry on defense installations, and bases. Especially our armed forces military bases. Makes no sense, now does it?

More Defenseless & Dead in Another DC Gun Free Killing Zone

The bodies of the murdered are not even cold, and already the usual suspects are renewing the call for gun control.

Never mind that all of the weapons used by the killer were prohibited, both on the premises of the Washington Navy Yard, and were illegal either to possess or to carry outside the home in Washington, D.C.

Were the “gun free zone” signs not big enough?

I can see if it was a google place, where poeple are just …

Sort of like the same thing with debt and Obomba, except it is more debt …


One Response to Defenseless and Dead

  1. The logic goes like this: You are an asset (human) if you work there or family member if you live there. There are security forces. they have guns. They will protect you.


    I live 30 miles from my base. I can’t even carry a weapon in the car. It’s not the base I’m concerned about, it is the area I drive through on the way home and to work….

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