Stormy Colorado … Stormy Acapulto

Our neighbor to the south … Our people to the west’

Receding water reveals crisis in Colorado…

Toxic stew…

Harmful chemicals and sewage …

Escape storm-hit Acapulco!

Thousands of exhausted, hungry and increasingly despondent tourists lined up late into the night on a muddy road outside a military base for a chance to get home on one of two precious air bridges out of this famed beach resort isolated by landslides set off by Tropical Storm Manuel.

With the twin roads to Mexico City closed down, at least 40,000 tourists saw a long holiday beach weekend degenerate into a desperate struggle to get weeping children, elderly parents and even a few damp, bedraggled dogs back home.

Two of Mexico’s largest airlines were running about two flights an hour from Acapulco’s still-flooded international airport Tuesday, with priority for those with tickets, the elderly and families with young children.

800,000 seeking aid..

It’s really bad … Rain and floods everywhere. No it’s not glabal warming.


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