There Is Them, Then There Is The Rest Of US

And this is how they do it … How they take care of business…::: House CR Forks Over $174,000 for Late Senator’s Wife

The death gratuity — a long-practiced, little-known, unofficial perk of office — has been a staple of congressional deaths. A Congressional Research Service report on members who die in office says:

“…it has been the typical practice of the House to provide a death gratuity equal to the member’s annual salary, payable to the deceased member’s widow or widower, or children either in the annual legislative branch appropriations act or a measure providing supplemental funds for the legislative branch. By statute, a death gratuity is considered a gift.”

Before Lautenberg’s death, he was No. 8 on Roll Call’s 50 Richest Members of Congress with a net worth of at least $56.8 million.

A rich guy needs the money? Why? Try that for your family and see how it works out for you … It’s like they have lost touch with reality, and think the tooth fairy is real. They just dispense your cash fo everything that they think is good.

I don’t know the woman … But being the tooth fairy has got to stop. We’re going bankrupt.

If this sounds a lot like the House post office scandal


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