USB 3.1 demo shows new spec well on its way towards 1.2GB/sec goal

New USB 3.1 Looks really fast and easy update …::: Why you should insist on USB 3

Well firstly let’s look at the advantages, in case you don’t know them already, and they’re not just speed-related. Firstly USB 3 can dish out more power than USB 2. This means charging your mobile phone will take less time and there’s far more scope for providing enough juice to power-hungry devices too. The power on offer still isn’t quite enough to fuel a 3.5in hard disk – a great shame – but the future looks rosy as far as other external devices are concerned.

USB 3 also has the huge advantage of offering full duplex communication. While this is somewhat speed-influencing, the most interesting fact here is that over a USB 2 interface, you can only send data in one direction at the same time, otherwise known as half duplex.

According to Ravencraft, USB 3.1 will “easily deliver” up to 1.2GB/sec when it’s fully tuned and productized, speed that will be capable of delivering uncompressed 4K video. “We think we’ll see real products that you can buy in a retail store probably in the market for the holiday season next year,” he told us.

The next USB 3.1 spec has now been finalized … And approved!!!


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