And Let’s Not Forget The AMNESTY Backdoor

It’s the old conference committee negotiations trickery…::: Sens. Sessions, Lee: House Leaders Must Shut Back Door To Immigration Bill…

Probably makes no sense to your kiddies.

Just suffice to say, your future is on the line. Including your salaries and in many cases your very jobs. You will be forced to compete with cheap foreign labor that the Senate Bill will legalize.

Read carefully the linked article. You may want to read it twice or more times, To see how Washington plays with your lives.

The CRUX of the problem … if the House votes on ANY Bill it will go to the Senate and be substituted for the original Senate bill … The devil, the saying goes, is in the details. And there are a lot of details in several thousand pages of legislation.

Which is why these unread Bills being voted on run into the thousands of pages …

What you may have forgotten is the Secure Fence Act of 2006 was voted in as the Law of The Land, and then promptly defunded, the first chance the Democrats got in 2007 when they took over the House.


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