And Now From Greenspan

As A little truth never hurts anyone, every now and again …::: GREENSPAN: AMERICANS BEING PULLED APART IN WAYS UNRIVALED SINCE 1929… 1929 was the great stock market crash …

1929 brought the great stock market crash… FDR got elected in 1933.

And then came the last stupid progressive FDR who was out to change America … FDR did much the same thing. FDR got the top marginal tax rate up to 97%, which basically stopped all business activity, except the black market, and the people suffered.

But FDR didn’t care, the ends justified the means.

And he meant to change America.

It was only WWII that stopped the suffering of FDR, and then he died.

Congress repealed most of FDR crap. FDR was America’s Fascist President, but he had to hide it from American eyes. As the great battles in WWII, the Nazis plus the Fascists, against the rest of the Europe. The Pacific theater was another part of the war. The war against Japanese imperialism(dictatorship).

You young uns need to brush up on history. Obviously your professors don’t want to talk.


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