Bad News Democrats

Uh, Oh … despite the Obama bluster and lies, the polls are slipping downward …::: Poll: Most Americans Support Federal Shutdown to Defund ObamaCare

Killing Christians is becoming the thing in middle east countries.

A recent poll by CNN, for example, found that just 39 percent of Americans support ObamaCare, with the numbers still plunging fast across all demographic groups. Separately, a USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll revealed that a solid majority of respondents — 53 percent — oppose the healthcare scheme, with a whopping 41 percent saying they “very strongly” disapprove. Only one fourth thought ObamaCare would be positive for their family, while more than four out of 10 said the impacts would be negative.

Another poll, commissioned by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News, found that, by a massive 45 percent to 23 percent margin, Americans believe the scheme will have a negative impact on the nation’s healthcare system rather than a positive one. The survey also found that about three fourths of respondents were already satisfied with their coverage, presenting further hurdles for proponents of so-called “healthcare reform.” A majority believes it will increase costs, too — a phenomenon that is already occurring.

It is no wonder that Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass Obamacare to find out what’s in it and the more Americans learn about it, the less they want it. Obamacare is premised on a series of lies and a majority of Americans want it gone, even if it means government shutdown.

Democrats are holding America hostage.

Rasmussen had a similar poll earlier in the week … 51% Favor Government Shutdown Until Congress Cuts Health Care Funding



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