It’s A Haitus, Don’t You Know

The global warming hoaxers need new words and concepts, to confuse the unwary … Global warming ‘hiatus’ puts climate change scientists on the spot

Hide the heat is the latest …


Did you know … Theories why Earth’s average surface temperature hasn’t risen in recent years include an idea that the Pacific Ocean goes through decades-long cycles of absorbing heat.

And here you thought all along that earth has a molten core, which one can clearly see it does, by all the lava oozing out of volcanoes.

We anxiously await AR-5 and how we are all going to melt this time, and how much taxes and higher prices we will have to pay, to prevent it all from happening. No one wants to ask, how higher taxes makes the magic happen.

In a world where our children aren’t supposed to know the answer to the complicated math of 2+2=4, why should they. They have an iPhone these days.


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