Netflix: 4K Video Will Need At Least 15 Mbps –

Better goose it up … 4K is coming. Netflix has stated that the company’s goal is to stream content in the 4K format by 2014 or so.

Netflix recently started offering Super HD and 3D streams, if your ISP has signed up for the company’s new content delivery network. Super HD streams need 5-7 Mbps of bandwidth, while 3D streams need 6-12 Mbps of bandwidth. Rather unsurprisingly, 4K video streams will eat substantially more bandwidth than both.

15 MBPS …

“Going forward we ll see more and more 4K, and that will work really well over the Internet,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings stated last week at the Copenhagen Future of TV Conference.

“It s around 15 megabits per second,” Hastings stated when asked about 4K streaming bandwidth needs. “It s not too bad. If you’ve got a 50-megabit connection you ll be fine.”


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