You’ll Likely BE Hearing a lot About This

So we may as well get the facts right on the table. Before the Democrats and the warmists have you jumping up and saying it’s the volcanoes that did it.

Did what, slowed warming with cooling… Might we see your data?

So lets look at how that all works out, but instead of a few years, let’s look at a few centuries.


That’s the best records we have, the rest is just hearsay. Nothing particularly amusing with this, as the volcanoes come to pass, the warming or cooling tends disapate and climate tends to carry on where it left off. As with the next glaciation ice age, we are in an interglacial period, the  Holocene is ending. Interglacials last about 12,000 years and this current interglacial period is around 12,000 years old today, so the end is near? Coming?

If you want to look into more… Read this.


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