IRS Scandal, Put A Real Face On It

Profiling One of the IRS Scandal’s Early Victims.

“Littleton, who gave up trying to get tax-exempt status and shut the organization down because of the hassle, went on to start two more groups that were among 162 organizations on a list obtained by USA Today and released last week . . . .

‘We just thought we were doing something wrong in the application process … but we also jokingly said that if there was a government list for the IRS, the NSA and the TSA, we were probably on it,’ said Littleton. ‘At the time, it was funny. It isn’t so funny anymore. To me, this just proves our point even more that our government has gotten too big, especially if they can get away with stuff like this.’”

Yep they were real people who the big government stopped from forming organizations… Shameless violation of the First Amendment.

You do know what the bill of rights is little kiddies?


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