Kenyan Hostage Crisis … al Qaeda Terror Attack

Yes is was Islamic terrorists…::: Westgate mall siege: hostage crisis over, say Kenyan officials. It was reported at the time of the attack, more than 2,000 shoppers were in the building. A picture of the four story building follows.

Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya

A siege at Kenya’s largest shopping mall in Nairobi launched by Islamic radicals in which dozens of shoppers were killed and more than 170 were injured, appears to be finally over.

With the crisis entering its fourth day, Kenyan officials have declared that all hostages being held at the Westgate shopping mall are free. They also claimed that the Kenyan military had taken back control the building from al-Shabaab militants.

“We believe all hostages have been released… situation of hostiles to be confirmed,” a message on the Twitter account of the government’s disaster operations centre said late on Monday.

There was confusion as a series of explosions continued to detonate at the five-storey mall in the early hours of this morning.


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