Made In America, It’s Coming Back!!!

Here’s looking at you … If the windmills don’t get you first.eagle-looks

By Americans … gather’s steam, just don’t buy their Chinese made junk…::: ‘Made in America’ revival gathers pace…

The ‘Made in America’ revival is gaining momentum with a majority of manufacturing executives now ready to consider pulling some production back from China.

A new survey published Tuesday showed a big jump in recent months in the number of companies considering “re-shoring” production from China, once favored for its low costs.

And belief in Big Government, and it’s free cheese, is failing…::: GALLUP: Americans’ Belief That Gov’t Is Too Powerful Hits Record High…

Everybody knows free cheese, leads to serfdom … Read F. A. Hayek’s “Road To Serfdom”. Here is the anotated version. It’s a quick read …

It’s right their for the picking. But instead looks like now the Republicans are going to turn out just like the WHIGs before them … And the people will say, Poof!

Libertarian party anyone??? Count me in!!!

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