Weaponizing The CR

And now our next move …::: House GOP may attach Obamacare delay to CR

Before I abandon the GOP altogether and stop all help and donations …

The House Republican leadership is seriously considering attaching a one-year delay of Obamacare’s individual mandate to the Senate bill to avert a government shutdown, according to senior GOP aides.

If House Republicans decide to go this route, it would all but provoke a government shutdown, since Senate Democrats might not even schedule a vote on a bill that includes that provision, Senate leadership staffers say. Even if the Senate schedules a vote, there might not be time to move the legislation through the slow-moving chamber.

Didn’t all these GOP Senators run on repeal or replace, backing Romney?

It ain’t over until it’s over.

The Cruz filibuster is ongoing if you want to check in with CSPAN, or a blogger here



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