Consensus Is Not Science, Real Science Must Found On Repeatable Experiments, That Other Sicentists Can Dupilcate

Science is not a popularity contest … Popular Science is nothing but another leftists site and magazine.

Ever since the hoax has been exposed as such(Ever gone to the site “climategate”) ... The way you undermine your own “science” is if it is not true and cannot be proven,. Show me one thing about gloabal warming hoax that isn’t true? Just name one, the audience is waiting.

Apparently, the science was too popular, so what do these fools do? Alienate their readers of course:

Starting today, will no longer accept comments on new articles. Here’s why.

Comments can be bad for science. That’s why, here at, we’re shutting them off.

The stupid, it burns like a magnesium flare.

The go on to quote some study as the reason, and blame climate change discussions:

A politically motivated, decades-long war on expertise has eroded the popular consensus on a wide variety of scientifically validated topics. Everything, from evolution to the origins of climate change, is mistakenly up for grabs again. Scientific certainty is just another thing for two people to “debate” on television. And because comments sections tend to be a grotesque reflection of the media culture surrounding them, the cynical work of undermining bedrock scientific doctrine is now being done beneath our own stories, within a website devoted to championing science.

Read it all here:

So that’s how much you can trust this site, PopSci …



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