Fed’s Hidden Agenda

Money printing begets inflation, if not hyperinflation…::: FED’S ‘HIDDEN AGENDA’ BEHIND PRINTING MONEY…

Monetizing the DEBT:

Let me start with a question: How would you feel if you knew that almost all of the money you pay in personal income tax went to pay just one bill, the interest on the debt? Chances are, you and millions of Americans would find that completely unacceptable and indeed they should.

But that is where we may be heading.

Thanks to the Fed, the interest rate paid on our national debt is at an historic low of 2.4 percent, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Given the U.S.’s huge accumulated deficit, this low interest rate is important to keep debt servicing costs down.

But isn’t it fair to ask what the interest cost of our debt would be if interest rates returned to a more normal level? What’s a normal level? How about the average interest rate the Treasury paid on U.S. debt over the last 20 years?

BTW: The FED swore up and down to Congress they would never do what they are now doing. And who pays?


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