How Are Things Going At The Yearly Tyrants And Dictators Club Meeting

Our little boi pressy is acting like a dictator should, making flowery sounding meaningless speeches and stuff, to the assembled world dictators … Iran rejects our president’s handshake …


Well Obama got stuffed by Iran so Kerry steps in the sign the UN Treaty, which is meaningless, treaties must be approved by the Senate, And even still are subject to the override by the US Constitution.

So he tells the world, that he is reviewing our NSA survielance … what a load of crap that is … Does the world have a repository of lies?

REPORT: Kerry to sign UN arms treaty, despite senators’ opposition…

‘You may not take any executive action to implement this’…

Why did you expect he would do???

Does this means he can’t give guns and rockets to the al Qaeda terrorist in Syria???


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