Lessons For America

But will the wanings go unnoticed…::: Kenya Jihadis Rehearsed And Planted Machine Guns Prior To Slaughter, Kenya’s porous border’s played a big part in how they got to the Mall.

Are you listening Obomba??? I think our southern border needs some review…

You do know the Democrat’s defunded the Secure Fence in 2007, the Law of the Land?

Just like Jihadis planned and rehearsed prior to 9/11, the religious Nazis of peace also rehearsed their slaughter of non-muslims in Kenya:

The building’s blueprints were studied, down to the ventilation ducts. The attack was rehearsed and the team dispatched, slipping undetected through Kenya’s porous borders, often patrolled by underpaid — and deeply corrupt — border guards.

A day or two before the attack, powerful belt-fed machine guns were secretly stashed in a shop in the mall with the help of a colluding employee, officials say. At least one militant had even packed a change of clothes so he could slip out with fleeing civilians after the killings were done. [LINK]

I hope the security teams at places like Mall of America are examining their people and procedures.


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