Ted Cruz Warps Up

Ted Cruz stopped on the 12:00PM deadline, 22 hours after he started. It highlighted how the Republicans(Washington insiders) against the people, who now rightfully say, Americans Turn on Washington; 68% Say Wrong Track in Poll….

Do you people remember 20012 election and how well you did when your base didn’t show up to vote. This is about FREEDOM!!! We surround them … the latest polls show that support for Obamacare is 12-26%, depending on the polling outfit.

He is fighting for the American people.

I will try to get updates from various video sources, about the speech, and why he did it.

He had some strong words along the way, but remained a gentleman. Meanwhile like a prosecutor, he shredded the argument for Obamacare, from various contenders, showing how good a prosecutor he was.

CRUZ, for President.


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