More Liberal Indoctrination

Did you used to play ‘cowboys and indians’ when you were a child, Well no more, it’s verboten nowadays in the liberals PC world.

Do people even know anymore, when you are being lied to???

Stunning UPDATE … Seventh Grade Students Suspended For a Year for paling witj air Soft Guns(nerf guns) on private property.

In a unanimous decision on Tuesday morning, a disciplinary committee voted to hand down long-term suspensions to three Virginia Beach seventh-grade students for playing with Air Soft guns on private property.

You can say the same about the stupid reactions the media has had to Ted Cruz? Make no mistake guys, when they are done with Ted, they will come for you next. Blind folded fear. Stand up for the truth!!!

Yes Air Soft guns are not real guns, they shoot nerfs… But in these days, when fingers are classed as deadly weapons, and don’t point it at anybody, the world has gone stupid. Don’t stand for it!!! Stand for truth, get rid of the Libturd PC Nonsense.



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