The Duped Or, Are They Just To Stupid To Realize It

Ah the young and oblivious …

JAMES TARANTO: The Young and the Clueless: ObamaCare may work, provided no one responds to its incentives.

Bloomberg stipulates that an ObamaCare policy will, at least for the young, be expensive (they are “least capable of affording it”) and offer minimal benefit (they are “least likely to use it”). You can’t “see the value” of such a proposition, because it’s a bad deal.

Luckily, they might be too dumb to notice. Hey, they voted for Obama!

Back in the day, I voted for Jimmy Carter because I liked his smile. So don’t feel bad….duped generation.

America fell for the Social Security Ponzi scheme … which needs tapering off. It is not sustainable, never was. that the beauty of these programs, to the Democrats.


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