Depserate Times For Climate Alarmists, And Other Hoaxers

Today’s the big day when the UN IPCC must announce how they expect to hide the bad news from themselves.

It’s going to be a really neat magic trick to pull that off. Maybe they can hide under the non-existent hurricanes … remember they were supposed to ranging wild on an unprepared and now seemingly uninterested world.

Basically it’s all explained in one graph …

The graph dramatically shows that every UN IPCC climate model over the past 22 years (1990-2012) predicted that average global temperatures would be as much as 0.9 degrees C (1.6 degrees F) higher than they actually were! This is hardly surprising, considering how defective the models are, and how heavily they depend on the notion that carbon dioxide is the primary driver of global warming.



Now you know, every single computer model, has now been proved wrong. No your car didn’t do it. Nor your electricity. Nor anything else man has done, so far.

But we have to look out for the sun, which has unexpectedly now went into a really bad phase, predicting what, no one knows exactly, but the direction is, it’s going to get cold.

OK lets see that report …



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