Prosecutor Cruz… Sticks It To Corker

Cruz seemingly went into “prosecutor”-mode, questioning Corker on every point.

“I know he must’ve made a misstatement when he moments ago suggested that those of us who participated in the filibuster the other day, somehow changed our position in voting for the motion to proceed,” Cruz responded, arguing that he repeatedly stated he would vote for a motion to proceed.

Watch the tense debate for yourself …

“The senator from Tennessee, being learned in Senate procedure, knows that there’s a big difference between that vote on Wednesday … [because] the vote tomorrow on cloture on the bill is a very different bill,” he added. “And so as I said during the filibuster two days ago…it is the vote tomorrow, cloture on the bill, that matters.”

Cruz said any lawmaker who votes in favor of cloture is “voting in favor of granting the majority leader the ability to fund Obamacare.”

Hang tough, Ted Cruz.

Trying to twist the public with lies about the byzantine Senate rules. We need to give the Senator selection back to the States. That way the States will have their voice back. Which was taken away with the 17th Amendment. Read Levine’s Liberty Amendments. They think you don’t know, what the lies are, and who is lying.


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