Terror Warnings Went Unheeded ,,

Government will protect you, from bad food, other stuff, you are on your own…:::Kenya shopping mall attack: Nairobi hostages were tortured before they were killed, says police doctor

Apparently Kenyan Intel agencies warned the office of the president about the coming attack on the Westgate shopping mall, but the warnings went unheeded. Sound familiar to anyone? Uh huh … Boston bombings come to mind?

The attack was carried out by Somalia’s Al Shabaab terror group, which is the African branch of Al-Qaeda, and is ideologically aligned with the same jihadists that the US and NATO backed in Libya and are currently supporting in Syria.

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Meanwhile, Kenyan authorities are also facing questions over whether they had any intelligence on an impending attack, which a Somali al-Shabaab chief said was a “message to Westerners” who had “backed Kenya’s invasion [of Somalia],” a reference to Kenya’s 2011 incursion aimed at crushing the militant movement.

Kenya’s National Intelligence Agency (NIS), widely accused by politicians of failing to pick up chatter about the attack, has insisted it did warn the police and officials inside the President’s office before the Westgate siege, but its warnings went unheeded, The Star reported.


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