What A Liar

Yes Kiddies he is looking at you, while he tells the biggest whoppers … Becuase he thinks you can’t or won’t think and therefore you do not know. And besides we need all the clapping seals, to make it look like they love him. As the glow slowly goes out …

The threat of higher premiums has put the left in a projectile sweat because it defies the narrative that ObamaCare would be “affordable.”

OK the punch line and clapping line … Go for it, you trained seals.

CNN just reported Obama claims Healthcare law isn’t hurting jobs…

… and all to a medium sized room full of college kids.


Enjoy your part-time, hamburger flipper, ‘career.’

When Health Insurance Sticker Shock Meets The ‘Death Spiral’

The ObamaCare mystery question of the day is whether individuals will face higher health insurance premiums next year—and the short answer is many will. But the bigger problem will be in years two, three and four, because some (maybe most) of the health care plans could go into what actuaries derisively call a health insurance “death spiral.”

We claimed that premiums could double for some individuals, especially young and healthy people who live in states that managed to keep health insurance premiums relatively low.  Several other groups, including a subsequent analysis from the American Academy of Actuaries, have generally confirmed our original assessment.


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