Global Warming And IPCC

IPCC Jump the shark and sailed right out of the pond. Al gore and his historical ranting is just not worth the time or effort to put here.

But the truth deniers at the UN, here is a recap how well the computer models predict reality …


Every one of their computer models fail. As near everyone in the world press, have now acknowledged. Something is wrong with the models.

IPCC Fails To Come Clean Over Global Temperature Standstill. With Obama to tax, tax, and tax Americans some more, why would yu think they would cut off the free money tap

The fight goes on, the tooth fairy vs the people. So who are the deniers now? If you want a real test of your dumb computer models do what engineers do, set the initial conditions to the earliest point you have real temperature data, then run the models to the present, and see ho good bad they do. the graphic above, it’s just the short version of the test I propose.

And so I ask some still unanswered questions …

Fract_sheet_01scr (1)

Anybody for a game of whack an Eagle?

The endangered California Condors have wings which are the largest of any living bird, And you know the how hyperventilating the left has been over them. So why fill the ridge tops in California with giant windmills. And why the silence? Hmm the many mysteries of the left.

And what about the pristine scenery. Haven’t heard a peep about the windmills lining the once pristine California ridges? And for what? Why not??? Indology got your tongues?

And what about the acres of once pristine desert floors covered with Solar moving reflectors? And all the attendant infrastructure, wires and such. Same thing ehhh …

You remember all that???


So now we move to the arena of how stupid can dumb people be. Which is why all the hysterical name calling of late.  Next I thin we shall try to go back to the Salem witch trials, as the rhetoric gets more extreme daily.

It’s worth noting that in Australia and Germany the greens took a thrashing in their respective countries, as people came to their senses, and tosses the greens our on their asses.

Earth climate is ever changing, long before man. And always will, long after man disappears.

Let the games, err lies, begin. because we are in for a blizzard of lies.


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