House Stands Firm Against Obamacare

So sounds like the House Hears the outrage of the people, the Senate is nothing more than and ideological obstacle.

The Senate as originally intended, was not a populist body, but the States government  seat at the federal table. Instead it has become nothing more than a Party puppet, something Washington and others told us would happen.

So shutdown the federal government looms. Tough … Shut it down, we don’t need it anymore.

The HOuse voted early Sunday, to delay Obamacare, but another CR was to fund the rest of the government with small cuts.

So apparently we are stuck on that … Republicans rallied around a budget plan early Sunday to keep the government open but delay the new health care law for a year. BAck to you Senate, you want to shut down the government, go for it Dingy.

To recap the original vote on Health care did not have any Republican votes. Neither House nor Senate.



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