The Stupid Stuff Obamacare Does ..

Things like this….:::: ObamaCare’s Mandate To Shut Down Little Sisters Of The Poor

There is no freedom in the Borg, we are a hive race, and only the collective can survive.

Obama’s “the hive mind”, the act is called assimilation … Birth control for all, or else you get removed, by the Borg..


A group of nuns dedicated to caring for the elderly poor is suing to prevent an uncaring administration from shutting down their compassionate order over their refusal to obey the contraception mandate.

There is no clearer or sadder example of the Obama administration’s war on the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty than the demand by the Department of Health and Human Services to violate their religious consciences or pay heavy fines.

HHS has ruled that if the Sisters don’t offer insurance policies to their employees that include free coverage for sterilization procedures, artificial contraceptives and abortifacients, these vowed-to-poverty women will have to pay about $1 million in IRS fines, effectively making their work nearly impossible.

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