I wonder Why? Don’t You

Most Popular Question at Healthcare.gov: ‘How do I get exemption?’

‘Anti-Obamacare’ candidates shatter fundraising records…

Up until the moment of truth, and now all references to free on the government website was removed

As the trap springs shut, free is removed. I guess it was a lie from the start. why not say what has been true since the beginning. As you lose your job, get reduced hours, and have to pay more for the morsels they allow you to have. Who doesn’t know this is bad.

If Dingy Harry Reid refuses to take the current CR and put it on the Senate floor, then it will be Harry Reid and Obama who shuts down the government.

The current House Republican CR gives everyone and exemption just like congress got. Congress not only gets an exemption but then gets the taxpayers to pay 75% of these health care costs as well.


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