OFA Admits Obamacare Un Popular

Really maybe we should drill down and ask some people on this list of Horrors.

One of the featured speakers on an Organizing for Action (OFA) conference call Wednesday night designed to generate enthusiasm for President Obama’s signature health care legislation among community organizers around the country, admitted on the call that Obamacare is unpopular in polls.

The speaker, identified as David Cutler, advised those on the call to “help people” by banishing the term Obamacare and using the program’s formal title, the Affordable Care Act, when encouraging friends and family to enroll. The Affordable Care Act, he explained, polls better than Obamacare.

Semantics, let’s change the world… the low information voters don’t know the difference.

Why not we use Obamacare … Or boat anchor for our economy.



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