As You Watch

You may begin to notice, that it is WDC vs the People that is shaping up as the real battle … Not Democrats or Republicans, but the ruling elites are opposed by the people of the country.

And it’s the defund–Obamacare effort that has brought that to the top. And I bet you can see it as well. The ruling class of both parties, who for the most part are exempt from Obamacare, against the people.

WDC elites, vs the people of America.

And it is through the efforts of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and others, who have brought this out … And that was clear from Beohner’s Speech this morning. You know the debt is crippling your future and the country, yet they still think kicking the can down the road is the answer. More debt … For you to pay if you even have a job anymore.

Think what you would do if Apple’s website was the disaster that is…

And as you watch Big Government inflict their pin on the population, remember this is why the US COnstitution was written, and why Obama has to go extra Constituional to do this. It’s your Constitution, as long as you have the presence of mind to understand that.


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