Gun Limits Could Lead To Recalls of [California] Legislators

Change needed in California … Another Bloomberg farce ….

Gun-rights advocates are ready to launch a recall attempt aimed at some of California’s most vulnerable Democratic state lawmakers – and the party’s supermajority hold on the Legislature – if Gov. Jerry Brown signs some of the dozen-plus gun-control bills sitting on his desk.

They’re emboldened by the successful recalls last month of two Colorado Democratic legislators who supported gun restrictions, including the leader of the state Senate. Voters replaced both with Republicans.

“As soon as the results came in Colorado, our phones started ringing,” said Jennifer Kerns, the California political consultant who helped lead the Colorado recalls. “Until then, a lot of people thought California was a lost state (on gun-rights issues). But Colorado showed them it doesn’t have to be.”

Brown wouldn’t be a recall target, organizers said. The costs are too great – perhaps $2 million – to gather enough signatures to put a statewide recall on the ballot.

Instead, gun-rights activists are focused on legislators who voted for the gun bills before Brown, a list that includes nearly every Democrat in Sacramento.

The big advantage: Gathering signatures to recall an Assembly or state Senate member is comparatively cheap.

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